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Joyce H.


"Jimmy became my personal trainer almost 2 years ago after I retired and decided I needed to increase my strength, increase muscle mass, and improve balance and flexibility. My idea was to do a few months of sessions then go on my own. As you can see, I changed my mind. The reasons are many and include the following: Jimmy provides a varied and new routine at each session; he adapts the workouts to my level, goals, and medical requirements; he is stickler for correct form so he demonstrates the moves and ensures I do each move correctly; and my favorite - the after workout stretch session. Jimmy is always on time, prepared, in good spirits, encouraging, and accommodates changes in my appointment times when life interferes. Having Jimmy as my personal trainer has kept me focused and committed to my program."


Laboy S.


"I've been Jimmy's client for about a year, working out two-three times a week. His dedication and energy is amazing and he pushes you to the limit, seeing consistent progress and results. Very dedicated trainer and amazing human being. Two thumbs up! "


Lorna R.


"Jimmy is kind, conscientious and always on time. He comes with a prepared workout session and explains each exercise thoroughly. Excellent professional!"



Deborah E.


"My mom who is a youthful 91yr old trains twice a week with Jimmy! She accompanies me for my workout at the gym and looks forward to her training with Jimmy. He is so versatile in his ability to train all AGES! She is the oldest one at the gym! Jimmy is so patient and explains each movement and the purpose for doing it. I look over to see what new exercise he is introducing to her program and we smile because it is amazing to watch. She has gotten much stronger in her body and mind by continuing to work with Jimmy in her Golden Years. "



Flor J.


"Jimmy was very helpful, professional and made the work out fun"



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